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Bush: Powell Carried Message of
"Hope and Peace" to Mideast

Photo of George Bush
President Bush

President Bush praised Secretary of State Colin Powell's ten-day mission to the Middle East, saying Powell had carried a "message of hope and peace," and that the United States would work hard to achieve it.

Speaking with Powell at the White House April 18, Bush said the American vision of resolving the conflict was rooted in providing hope to the people of the region.

For his part, Powell said that he had delivered a clear message that terrorism and violence "has to stop," and that the U.S. vision of "two states living in peace" was "the only solution to this conflict."

"We made clear to the leaders in the region that we want to move forward with negotiations as early as possible, and we're looking at different ways to do that once security has been established," said Powell, linking peace negotiations closely to security concerns. Complete Text

Rumsfeld Announces Changes to Regional Military Commands

U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced major changes to the Unified Command Plan (UCP) that establishes the missions and responsibilities for the chiefs of U.S. military forces in every region of the world and two of the four branches of the armed services.

"The plan we announce today is undoubtedly the most significant reform of our nation's military command structure since the first command plan was issued shortly after World War II," Rumsfeld said April 17 at a Pentagon briefing. "[The plan] realigns and streamlines U.S. military structure to better address 21st century threats." Complete Text

• Colin Powell/State Department
• Donald Rumsfeld/Defense Department
• Condoleezza Rice/National Security Council
• George Tenet/Central Intelligence Agency

Updated 19 April 2002
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