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Resources on some of the important scientific industries in the United States, from biotechnology to space exploration.



  • Sharing Science: Global Partnerships
    This edition of eJournal USA focuses on science as an inherently international undertaking in which researchers share the results of their work with a scientific community that spans the planet, through a growing array of collaborative efforts, technical journals, conferences, the Internet, and dedicated high-bandwidth data networks for research and education. The eJournal has many examples of U.S. participation and leadership in these international undertakings.

  • A Republic Of Science
    An essay on inquiry and innovation in science and medicine from Portrait of the USA, U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Information Programs.

  • U.S. Federal R&D Budget Facts
    Provides information regarding the federal research and development (R&D) budget.


  • Monitoring Stem Cell Research
    A report by The President's Council on Bioethics which implemented the administration's policy for stem cell research.

  • Stem Cell Research
    A report by the Congressional Research Service on the issues surrounding federal funding for stem cell research.

  • Cloning: A Select Chronology
    A report by the Congressional Research Service on the events surrounding and following the cloning of a sheep from a single adult sheep cell by Scottish scientists.

  • Human Cloning
    A report by the Congressional Research Service on the issues surrounding human cloning.

  • Agricultural Biotechnology
    This journal from the U.S. Department of State addresses the controversies and provides scientific reasoning for the use of agricultural biotechnology.


  • Energy Supply & Disposition by Type of Fuel: 1949 to 2002
    This table presents historical statistics on U.S. energy supply and disposition by type of fuel.

  • Energy & Utilities
    This report presents statistics on fuel resources, energy production and consumption, electric energy, hydroelectric power, nuclear power, solar energy, wood energy, and the electric and gas utility industries.

  • National Energy Policy
    This report from the National Energy Policy Development Group submitted recommendations to develop a national energy policy designed to bring together business, government, local communities and citizens to promote dependable, affordable and environmentally sound energy policy.

  • Energy Policy:  Setting the Stage for the Current Debate
    This report by the Congressional Research Service provides background and analysis as well as a historical perspective on U.S. energy policy.

  • Energy Outlook with Projections
    This report presents a forecast and analysis of U.S. energy supply, demand, and prices through 2030. The projections are based on results from the Energy Information Administration's National Energy Modeling System.

  • Fueling the Future: Better Ways to Use America's Fuel Options
    This report written by the Consumer Energy Council of America makes recommendations to Federal and State policymakers, energy leaders, energy consumers, the public and the media for energy policies to ensure that the Nation’s energy needs can be met.


Information Technology

Space Exploration


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