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A general overview of American geography, as well as essential information about traveling to and within the United States.

Geography and Travel

Geography and Maps

Places to Go

Visa Information for Travelers
Visas requirements change quickly. Go to for the most up-to-date information.

  • See You in the USA
    "See You in the USA" makes clear that the United States wholeheartedly welcomes foreign visitors who desire to study, conduct business, or simply see the sights in its very diverse 50 states. The journal begins with an explanation of border-crossing procedures and terms, followed by first-person articles of what is it like to be an American official - a consular officer and a customs and border protection officer - on the other side of the window, trying to determine who is a legitimate short-term traveler.

  • What is a Visa?
    A visa indicates that your application has been reviewed by a U.S. consular officer at an American embassy and that the officer has determined you’re eligible to enter the U.S. for a specific purpose.

  • Current Visa Processing Situation                                   
    Information on new procedures for visa processing.

  • Suspension of Travel Without Visa and ITI Programs
    Information on the special international in-transit programs being suspended.

  • Diversity Immigrant Visa Program
    The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program makes available 50,000 permanent resident visas annually, drawn from random selection among all entries to persons who meet strict eligibility requirements from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.

  • Temporary Visitors to the U.S.                                     
    Information on the special processing requirements that are now required for nonimmigrant visa applicants. 

  • Visa Denials
    To be refused a visa causes great disappointment and sometimes embarrassment.  Here is what you can do to prepare for a visa reapplication.

  • FAQs About Requirements for International Travelers
    Information on what food an individual can bring into the U.S.
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