Washington Hyper File

EPF edition

U.S. Department of State

Thursday, July 25, 2002

401 Transcript: White House Daily Briefing, July 25
(Bush events in North Carolina, homeland security legislation, trade promotion authority, U.S. economy/stock market, medical liability reform, corporate responsibility legislation) (2930)

402 Excerpt: Powell Looks Forward to Consultations with India and Pakistan
(Tells reporters he will examine ways to reduce violence in Kashmir) (433)

403 Transcript: Powell Reaffirms U.S. Commitment to Afghan Reconstruction
(Press conference with Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah in Washington July 25) (2289)

404 Text: Larson Praises G-8 Initiative to Combat WMD Proliferation
(Plan calls for $20,000 million commitment over 10 years) (2060)

405 Text: House Measure Calls on China to Stop Persecuting Falun Gong
(H. Con. Res. 188 passes House in 420-0 vote July 24) (974)

406 Text: U.S. Sanctions Chinese, Indian Entities for Proliferation Violations
(State's Boucher said sanctions do not extend to governments) (805)

407 Text: U.S. Proposes Broad Reform of Agricultural Trade
(Calls for more equitable, stronger system) (950)

408 Fact Sheet: U.S. Proposal for Agriculture Trade Reform
(Seeks harmonizing, eliminating trade-distorting supports) (510)

409 U.S. Unveils a Proposal Aimed at Reshaping Agricultural Trade
(Envisions elimination of tariffs and subsidies) (730)

410 Text: Treasury's O'Neill Sounds Confident Note on U.S. Economy
(Welcomes congressional action on corporate responsibility bill) (1500)

411 Text: U.S. Hails Multilateral Development Bank Reforms
(Taylor: Bush administration seeks $1,437 million for MDBs) (3140)

412 Text: U.S. Leads in Environmental Action, State Dept.'s Turner Says
(Turner outlines U.S. cooperation in global environmental treaties) (4360)

413 Rumsfeld: U.S. Will Continue to Provide Allies with Nuclear Umbrella
(Says nuclear level should keep nations from "sprint to parity") (1210)

414 Text: Top U.S. Military Official Highlights Moscow Treaty Benefits
(Myers cites accord's flexibility while allowing strategic cuts) (1180)

415 Expert Advice for International Students Coming to U.S.
(Student services director talks about visas, admissions, cultural adaptation) (2135)

416 Congressional Report, July 25: Public Diplomacy Legislation
(House-passed measure expands public diplomacy initiatives) (350)

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