Washington Hyper File

Department of State

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

301 Transcript: White House Daily Briefing, July 25, 2001
(Bush/Europe, Mexico, Bosnia/troop deployment, Macedonia,
ABM Treaty, energy/trade, stem cell research) (7510)

302 Transcript: State Department Noon Briefing, July 25, 2001
(China, Macedonia, Israel, Iran/Azerbaijan, arms control, Greece,
Samoa, Indonesia, NKorea, SKorea) (5820)

303 Transcripts: Secretary Powell's July 25 Remarks Concerning China
(Discusses U.S. citizens, residents sentenced by China) (590)

304 Text: Senate Passes Resolution Calling for Release of Scholars
(Detention of U.S. citizens, residents hurts U.S.-China ties) (1540)

305 Text: Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee Calls for Release of Gao Zhan
(Jackson-Lee sponsoring bill to make Gao Zhan U.S. citizen) (360)

306 Text: Bolton Says U.S. Seeks New Strategic Framework with Russia
(U.S. wants to abandon Cold War adversarial framework) (2040)

307 Text: Schieffer Says U.S., Australia Share Common Values
(July 25 testimony of nominee for U.S. Ambassador to Australia) (780)

308 Resolution Urges Japan to Apologize for WWII Comfort Women
(Rep. Lane Evans introduces H. Con. Res. 195 July 24) (300)

309 Text: Hubbard Calls Security, Commerce Top Priorities in Korea
(July 25 testimony by nominee for U.S. Ambassador to Korea) (770)

310 Text: Ambassador-designate Says Anwar Ibrahim's Case Concerns U.S.
(Nominee for Ambassador to Malaysia Huhtala's July 25 remarks) (730)

311 Text: Ambassador-designate Highlights U.S. Interests in Singapore
(Plans to work on a range of bilateral issues) (1080)

312 International Relations Committee Passes Resolution on Vietnam's
(Panel passes H. Con. Res. 178 by voice vote) (350)

313 Text: Sen. Allen Says U.S. Should Deploy Missile Defense System
(Virginia Republican's July 24 news release) (410)

314 Text: Mahley Statement on Biological Weapons Protocol
(Says U.S. believes it would "not achieve its objectives") (4970)

315 Proposed Biological Weapons Protocol Unfixable, U.S. Official Says
(U.S. will seek alternatives to enforce convention, he says) (640)

316 Transcript: Mahley News Conference on Biological Weapons Protocol
(Says protocol's absence will not undercut BWC) (6600)

317 White House Report: Nominations to the Senate, July 25, 2001
(President Bush sends three nominations to the Senate) (110)

318 Lawmaker Submits Measure Backing Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
(H. Con. Res. 194 urges full participation in APEC meeting) (120)

319 House Approves Boost in Foreign Operations Spending
($676 million targeted for Andean anti-drug program) (640)

320 Text: Senator Baucus Releases Trade Negotiation Bill Concepts
(Labor, environmental language prominent in text) (3170)

321 Text: Dobriansky Final Statement at Climate Change Talks
(U.S. won't ratify Kyoto Protocol, but won't dissuade others) (930)

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