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The Media and Their Messages
Freedom of the press, newspapers, radio, and television (From: Portrait of the USA)
What is News? (From: Handbook of Independent Journalism )
Media Emerging U.S. Dept. of State E-Journal March 2006
Seeking Free & Responsible Media U.S. Dept. of State E-Journal February 2003
(The Media: Influencing Foreign Policy in the Information Age)(From: The Making of U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S. Dept. of State E-Journal March 2000.
The Pulitzer Prizes: Sponsored by the Columbia Journalism Review, offers 80 searchable years of Pulitzer Prize history
Freedom of the Press
An Unfettered Press -- a Dept .of State publication
A Free Press: Rights and Responsibilities: Dept. of State
Freedom of the Press (From: Foundations of Democracy U.S. Dept. of State E-Journal December 2005)
Legal Foundations of Press Freedom in the United States (From:Seeking Free & Responsible MediaU.S. Dept. of State E-Journal February 2003)
.Freedom of the Press USINFO
A Free Press (From: Principles of Democracy-6)
.Internet Freedom USINFO
Freedom of the Press (From: Rights of the People-4)
.Democracy Dialogues: Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Speech and Press: Exceptions to the First Amendment
Overview of the major exceptions to the First Amendment of the Constitution.
News Media
Media & Ethics, U.S. Dept. of State E-journal April 2001
  The Role of the Media in Building Community
  Why Democracy Needs Investigative Journalism
  Journey Through the "Ethical Minefield"
  Understanding Media Watchdogs
  Journalism in the Era of the Web
  News in the Age of Money
  Media Ethics Codes and Beyond
  The Role of a Free Media (From: Democracy Papers-8)
  Handbook of Independent Journalism U.S. Dept. of State Publication.
  Getting the Story (From: Handbook of Independent Journalism)
  Newspapers Recreate Their Medium (From: Media Emerging U.S. Dept. of State E-Journal March 2006)
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    ABC News
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    CNN Interactive
    Current Events: US News (from Yahoo)
    ESPN SportsZone
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    PBS Online
    The Weather Channel
Government and Media
  The Media (From: Outline of U.S. Government)
  U.S. Dept. of State Press Relations Office
  U.S. Dept. of State Foreign Press Centers
  International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB)
Voice of America
Schedules and Programs
Radio Sawa
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL
Radio Free Asia(RFA
Radio and TV Martí (Office of Cuba Broadcasting
C-SPAN: online resource for public affairs
  Links to U. S. Government News-IIP infoUSA
U.S. Dept. of State/International Information Programs Electronic Journals and Publications
Publications. Special publications on a variety of issues.
Electronic Journals Monthly collections of articles by U.S. and international experts, with focus on U.S. Foreign Policy, Economics, Democracy, Global Issues and U.S. Society and Values.
Washington File. News and information materials drawn from the daily Washington File.
Washington File. East-Asia and Pacific Edition
Washington File Mobile Edition. The Washington File, formatted especially for users of Personal Digital Assistants.
Document Delivery by Electronic Mail. Selection of mailing lists delivering statements, texts, press briefings, transcripts, and speeches from officials in the U.S. government concerned with foreign policy matters.
RSS News Feeds from the Washington File. For web site managers, include Washington File headlines items on your web pages; updates occur in real time.
Webchat Station. Online discussions with U.S. experts on a variety of topics.
Video Station. Online videos with U.S. experts on a variety of topics.
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