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  About the U.S. Government

About America: How the United States Is Governed US Dept. of State Publication


A Responsive Government: Separation of powers and the democratic process (From: Portrait of the USA)

  Government Accountability
(From: Principles of Democracy)
  Civil-Military Relations (From: Principles of Democracy)
  Civilian Control of the Military (From: Papers of Democracy)
  Outline of U.S. Government
  The American Political Process
  How Our Laws Are Made.  Library of Congress
    How Our Laws Are Made: Ben's Guide for Kids to US Government
  A Brief Introduction to the Federal Budget Process
  Overview of the Congressional Budget Process
  Our American Government
A popular introductory guide from the U.S. Congress. 2003 edition
  U.S. Government Manual: 2006-07 Edition
  U.S. Politics and Government: from Dept. of State INFOUSA
  Impeachment: An Overview of Constitutional Provisions, Procedure, and Practice
  Transforming the Culture of Corruption US Dept. of State, E-Journal December 2006
  Politics VOA Special English
Download Audio-MP3 and Listen in RealAudio available.

Democracy and Human Rights
  Dept. of State Democracy Web Site
  Dept. of State Human Rights Web Site
  The 25th Anniversary of the U.S. Human Rights Report: backgrounder
  2006 Annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices , US Dept. of State
  What Is Democracy? from Dept. of State
  Principles of Democracy from Dept. of State
  Democracy Papers from Dept. of State
  The Supreme Court and Civil Rights (From: About America: How the United States Is Governed) US Dept. of State Publication

Democracy Dialogues:

    Democracy's Challenge
    Free Speech in America: An Overview
    Women's Rights
    Judicial Independence in the U.S.
    Free & Fair Elections
    Freedom of Religion
    Combating Corruption
    Democracy and Prosperity
    Freedom of the Press
    Nongovernmental organizations
Freedom Papers: A series of papers that provide practical information, case studies, and sources of information on issues of democracy-building. Topics include: free and independent media; teaching democracy; the role of the legislature; an independent judiciary; administering higher education; public access to government information; and creating and disseminating law.
  Basic Readings in U.S. Democracy: Presents court decisions, legislative acts, and presidential decrees that form the bedrock of American democracy, as well as letters, essays, speeches, and poems that chart the country's search for itself as a democratic society.
  Human Rights and Law VOA Special English
Download Audio-MP3 and Listen in RealAudio available.
  A Citizen's Guide on using the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 to Request Government Records
A report by the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Government Reform issuing the Citizen's Guide.
  Transparency in Government
  Transparency in Government
  The People's Right to Know: Transparency in Government Institutions (From: Democracy Papers)
  Information Management: Acquisition of the Electronic Records Archives is Progressing
U.S. Government Accountability Office report on the status of the National Archives and Records Administration's development of an electronic records archive system. U.S. GAO, July 2005.
  Elections and the Electoral Process (From: About America: How the United States Is Governed) US Dept. of State Publication
  Democracy Dialogues: Free and Fair Elections
  Free & fair Elections (From: Principles of Democracy)
  The Principles of Democratic Elections (From: Democracy Papers)
  United States Elections 2004
  Political Parties (From: Principles of Democracy)
  A Woman's Right to Vote
"Carrie Burnham Argued for the Right to Vote" (From: America's Story)
  One Woman, One Vote
"Nineteenth Amendment Granting Women's Suffrage Was Sent to the States" (From: America's Story)
  Elections U.S. Dept. of State INFOUSA

Biographies of Government Officials
  Government Officials in the History (From: America's Story)
  George Washington1732-1799

Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826

  John Jay 1745-1829
  James Polk 1795-1849
  Andrew Johnson1808-1875
  Abraham Lincoln1809-1865
  Ulysses S. Grant1822-1885
  Rutherford Birchard Hayes1822-1893
  Thomas Woodrow Wilson1856-1924
  William Howard Taft1857-1930
  Theodore Roosevelt1858-1919
  William Jennings Bryan  1860-1925
  John Joseph Pershing1860-1948
  Calvin Coolidge 1872-1933
  George Catlett Marshall1880-1959
  George S. Patton Jr.1885-1945
  Dwight David Eisenhower1890-1969
  Ralph Bunche1904-1971
  Thurgood Marshall1908-1993
  From other resources:
  The Supreme Court Justices (From:The Supreme Court of the United States: Highest Court in the Land) Dept. of State E-Journal April 2005
  Justice For All: The Legacy of Thurgood Marshall US Dept. of State Publication

The President
  The White House
  The Executive Branch: Powers of the Presidency
The Powers of the Presidency (From: Democracy Papers)
  Presidents of the United States: In this resource you will find background information, election results, cabinet members, presidency highlights, and some odd facts on each of the presidents. Links to biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites are also included to enrich this site.
State of the Union Address Conveys Presidential Agenda, Vision USINFO
  Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents: Full-text of inaugural address beginning with George Washington
Inaugural Addresses and Memorable Words USINFO
  Foreign Policy Roles of the President and Congress
Congressional Research Service, June 1, 1999.
  Presidential Libraries: A Brief History
Home pages of the libraries of former Presidents from Herbert Hoover to date.
Executive Branch
  Executive Branch
Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts
Principal Officers of the Department of State
  Internet Government Resources
GPO Access Online Service: A service of  US Government Printing Office.  GPO Access provides online access to  The Federal Register, Congressional Record, Congressional Bills.
    Government Web Resources
    University of Michigan Library Documents Center
    US Government Information Servers
    Uncle Sam: Government Publications, Dept. Regional Depository Library, the University of Memphis: Providing detail information on US Government publications.

Legislative Branch

    The Legislative Branch: The Reach of Congress (From: Outline of U.S. Government)
    The Creation of Law in a Democratic Society (From: Democracy Papers)
    The Role of Interest Groups (From: Democracy Papers)
    Lobbying Congress: A Key Way U.S. Citizens Impact Foreign Policy (From: The Making of U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S. Dept. of State E-Journal March 2000.
    Legislative Power (From: Principles of Democracy)
    Legislative Branch Internet Resources
    U.S. Legislative Procedure
    Abridged Dictionary of Parlimentary Terms, US House of Representatives

U.S. Congress
    Congressional Directory: beginning with the 103rd Congress
    Congressional E-Mail Addresses and Web Sites
    Congressional Committees information
    U.S. Senate
      United States Congress Senate Directory
    U.S. House of Representatives
United States House of Representatives
The U.S. House of Representatives: The Legislative Process
    The Library of Congress Opened Its Doors
November 1, 1897
(From: America's Story)
    Books for Congress (From: America's Story)
  Related Links
    Congressional Research Service Reports
    Congresslink: "one stop shopping" for basic information on Congress.
    Library of Congress
    Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet

Judicial Branch


The Judicial Branch: Interpreting the Constitution (From: Outline of U.S. Government)

    The Role of an Independent Judiciary (From: Democracy Papers)
    An Independent Judiciary (From: Principles of Democracy)
    Democracy Dialogues: Judicial Independence in the U.S.

The Importance Of Judicial Independence U.S. Dept. of State E-Journal March 2004

    US Judiciary

The Courts
    Courts of Appeals
    Understanding the Federal courts
    Structure of the Federal Courts
    The Federal Court System in the US pdficon.gif (155 bytes)
    The Supreme Court
    The Supreme Court of the United States: Highest Court in the Land Dept. of State E-Journal April 2005
    Supreme Court Decisions Test Government Power, Limits How the Court chooses cases -- Part 1 of 2

Supreme Court Justices Vote In Order of Seniority How the Court decides cases -- Part 2 of 2

    District Courts
    Bankruptcy courts

    Glossary of Legal Terms
    Biographies of Current Members of the Supreme Court pdficon.gif (155 bytes)

Related Links
    United States Federal Court System and Decisions
    Federal Judicial Center
    FEDWORLD Supreme Court Decisions Homepage
    Findlaw Internet Legal Resources ? U.S. Supreme Court Opinions
    Legal Information Institute
    Selected Historic Decisions of the U.S Supreme Court
    United States Federal Judiciary
    The United States Supreme Court

Think Tanks & Public Interest Organizations
  Dept. of State: Think Tanks & Public Interest Organizations
  Cato (USA),  other links of interest
Research and Educational Institutes

The 50 States
  State Governments (From: About America: How the United States Is Governed) US Dept. of State Publication
  List of the Governors of the States
  A Country of Many Governments (From: Outline of U.S. Government)
  State Fact Sheets:  U.S. Department of Agriculture
  Explore the States (From: America's Story)
  Information on the 50 States
  Related Links
    The 50 States of the United States: Capital Cities and Information Links
    Council of State Governments
    State and Local Governments
    State and Local Government on the Net
    StateLaw - State Government and Legislative Information
    State Statutes by Topic

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  Acronyms of the U.S. Government
  The Democratic National Committee
    Republican National Committee
  National Political Index
  Political News
    The Policy.com Community
The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Politics & Elections
    AllPolitics-CNN/TIME: It draw on the resources of Time and CNN correspondents to provide political news, analysis and commentary.



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