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Internet Links


  • Blogtopsites
    A directory of blogs searchable by category such as politics, arts, and celebrities.

  • Findory
    A directory of online information, including news, blogs, video clips, podcasts and more. Searches become more personalized the more you use the site.

  • Sifry’s Alerts, “State of the Blogosphere"
    Sifry, founder of Technorati and well-known as an innovator, shares his take on the world of blogs.

  • Technorati
    Web site tracking popular blogs on a variety of topics.

  • Talk Digger
    Directory of information on web-based conversations, including blogs and interlinked websites.

  • Webchats
    Links to U. S. Department of State, Bureau of International Information Program’s web-based discussions, featuring web-based discussions with experts on a wide array of subjects.

Broadcast Media

U.S. Department of State News Services

Journalism Associations

Journalism Education

Magazines & Journals

List of selected representative magazines and journals published in the U.S.  Access to online content may require registration or subscription.  This list is not comprehensive.

American Culture

American Politics and Government

Business and Economics

Foreign Affairs

Information Technology

News and Commentary



Selected list of online newspapers from major U. S. cities and related resources.  Full access may require registration or subscription.

News Wires & Portals

U.S. Government News

Every U.S. government department /other entity has a public website.  This list represents only a few.


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