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background spacing imagebackground spacing imageU.S. ECONOMY
Summaries of the history, principles, and facts related to the economy of the United States.

Overview of the U.S. Economy

  • An Outline of the U.S. Economy
    This overview of the U.S. economic system covers the U.S. government's role, monetary and fiscal policy, markets, agriculture, labor, small business, and trade.

  • Overview of the Economy
    The data on this page, drawn from the Bureau of Economic Analysis' featured economic accounts, comprise a basic statistical overview of the U.S. economy in recent quarters.

  • The U.S. Economy at the Beginning and End of the 20th Century
    This chartbook presents a graphical snapshot of the U.S. economy at the beginning and the end of the 20th century. Comparisons examine U.S. income and demographics, government growth, and international trade activity.

  • The Business of America
    A general examination of agriculture, the first American industry; the American style of mass production; the labor movement; and the nation's economic system.

  • What is a Market Economy?
    An introductory guide to the free market system.

  • Dollars and Cents: Fundamental Facts about U.S. Money
    Issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, this brochure provides basic information about U.S. paper money and coins -- how they are made, how they circulate, and how to spot counterfeit currency.

  • Money, Credit and Interest Rates
    Statistics on money, credit and interest rates.

  • State by State Trade Information
    Provides comparative export statistics for each of the 50 U.S. states. Through charts, graphs and text, each state fact sheet lists the value of exports, the number of jobs supported by export industries, and the fastest growing manufactured exports.

  • Consumer and Producer Price Indexes
    Indexes of producer and consumer prices, including actual prices for selected commodities, energy prices, and price index information for major consumer groups.


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