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Delta County Fair, Colorado, October, 1940.
Delta County Fair)

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美國的州和郡展覽會根源於古代。最早的展覽會,如西班牙征服者在現今的墨西哥市所舉辦的偉大阿芝特克人 (Aztec) 市集,即是用來解決分配的問題。 在歷史上,展覽會都是位在主要的貿易路徑上,它們給予人們炫耀技術和手藝的機會,並進而完成買賣及交易的目的。在人們沒有機會旅行的日子裡,展覽會也提供了一個參觀不同領域並與他人社交的機會。今日的州際展覽會內有什麼呢?

American state and county fairs have their roots in ancient times. The earliest fairs, such as the great Aztec market that Spanish conquistadors found on the present-day site of Mexico City, were created to solve problems of distribution. Historically, fairs were located on major trade routes and gave people the chance to show off their skills and crafts, and sell or trade their goods. In the days when people did not travel much, fairs were also an opportunity to see different areas and socialize with others. What goes on at state fairs today?
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