Washington Hyper File

EPF edition

U.S. Department of State

Tuesday, 1 April 2003

201 Transcript: White House Daily Briefing, April 1
(Status of Saddam Hussein, post-war Iraq/General Garner/aid for Iraqi people/UN role, France, progress of war/war plan, anti-U.S. opinion, homeland security, risk of terrorism in the U.S., Camp LeJeune trip, Powell trip to Turkey, Amicus brief, Arab-Israeli conflict) (5160)

202 White House Report: Don't Know If Saddam Hussein Is Dead or Alive, U.S. Says
(April 1: Iraq, Turkey, nominations) (1160)

203 DoD Report: Rumsfeld Tells Iraqi People No Cease-Fire Being Considered
(April 1: Combat operations in Iraq) (790)

204 Goal of U.S. Aid Is to Help Iraqi People Resume Control of Iraq
(Will move as quickly and efficiently as possible, State Dept. says) (530)

205 U.S. Military Investigators Evaluating Civilian Checkpoint Deaths
(Central Command Report, April 1: Iraq Operational Update) (480)

206 Red Cross Begins Visiting Iraqi Prisoners of War
(Baghdad has not granted similar visits) (290)

207 Text: SARS Cases, Countries Affected Still Rising
(More than 1800 cases in 15 countries) (680)

208 Transcript: Powell Says U.S. Committed to Advancing Human Rights
(Secretary of State releases 2002 human rights report) (2300)

209 Excerpt: Vietnam's Communist Rulers Continue Human Rights Abuses
(2002 report cites religious harassment, lack of free speech) (1290)

210 State Dept Documents Human Rights Abuses in Middle East in 2002
(2002 human rights report reports violations by traditional U.S. allies) (940)

211 Transcript: U.S. Human Rights Reports a "Guide to Ending Abuses"
(State Department's Craner speaks on release of annual report) (3730)

212 Excerpt: Human Rights Norms Are "Alien Concepts" in North Korea
(State Department's 2002 Human Rights Report cites abuses) (3620)

213 State Dept. Issues Human Rights Reports for Eight South Asian Countries in 2002
(Afghanistan sees "dramatic improvement" in human rights in 2002) (910)

214 Excerpt: Report Says Burma Human Rights Record Remains Extremely Poor
(Dept. of State's 2002 Report on Human Rights Practices in Burma) (2360)

215 Excerpt: China Continued To Commit Serious Rights Abuses in 2002
(State Dept. Human Rights Report cites wide range of abuses) (2410)

216 Text: Financial Group Urges Cohesion of G-7 Economic Policies
(Geopolitical uncertainty underlies need for overcoming differences, it says) (2530)

217 Text: USTR Lists Barriers to U.S. Trade, Focusing on Agriculture
(Annual report also emphasizes intellectual property, transparency) (4550)

218 Text: U.S. Imposes Penalties on N. Korean, Pakistani Entities
(April 1 State Department statement) (250)

219 Text: Gates Foundation Gives $60 Million to Accelerate Microbicide Research
(Development of HIV-preventing gel sought for women's protection) (910)

220 Text: New Trade Pacts Aim to Ensure Freer Capital Flows, Says U.S.
(Treasury's Taylor reviews Chile, Singapore free trade deals) (2660)

221 Text: Persistent Hunger One of the Most Significant Development Challenges
(USAID Administrator Andrew Natsios Testifies Before Congress) (4660)

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