Washington Hyper File

EPF edition

U.S. Department of State

Thursday, February 14, 2002

401 Transcript: White House Daily Briefing, February 14
(President's schedule, Campaign Finance Reform, President Musharraf of Pakistan, China,/Falun Gong arrest, Afghanistan, climate change strategy, AIDS/donations, Al Qaeda, Valentine's Day) (6230)

402 Secretary of State Powell Engages Global Youth Audience via MTV
(Secretary answers questions from young adults in six foreign cities) (1040)

403 Text: Bush's Trip to Emphasize Strategic Interests in Asia-Pacific
(State official describes help from region in terrorism fight) (6470)

404 Bush Administration Open to Input from Arab-Americans
(State Dept. official says they can be part of policy process) (460)

405 Excerpt: U.S. Military Mistakes in Afghanistan Rare
(Rumsfeld's Feb 12 interview with National Public Radio) (2990)

406 Text: Asia Panel Chairman Warns of Governments Harboring Terrorists
(Representative Leach's February 14 opening statement) (1140)

407 Text: Sixty Prominent U.S. Academics Say War on Terrorism Is Just
(Response to "calamitous acts of violence, hatred, injustice") (5240)

408 Byliner: Ambassador Taylor on U.S. Assistance to Former Soviet Union
(State Department coordinator of assistance to Europe, Eurasia) (770)

409 Text: Additional U.S. Aid to Pakistan Proposed
(White House Fact Sheet, February 13) (550)

410 White House Advisor Richard Clarke Briefs Senate Panel on Cybersecurity
(NSC staff aide shares his views with Senate Judiciary Committee) (960)

411 Text: USTR on Challenge to EU Sanctions Claim in WTO Case
(U.S. calculates lower retaliation in FSC case) (970)

412 Panel Chairman Defends Congressional Earmarks for Defense Budget
(Rumsfeld's proposals for 2003 well received by committee) (630)

413 Text: Treasury Secretary O'Neill on Government Debt Limit Hike
(Asks Congress to increase debt ceiling earlier) (610)

414 Text: Treasury Official Calls for New Approach to Debt
(Taylor says it would give more incentive to restructure) (3630)

415 Fact Sheet: White House Unveils Two Environmental Initiatives
(Plans reduce power plant emissions, and greenhouse gases) (1010)

416 Transcript: Bush Announces Climate Change, Clean Air Initiatives
(Plans aim to reduce greenhouse gases, and other pollutants) (3180)

417 Transcript: U.S., Russia Continue to Review Iraq Sanctions
(Powell reiterates no military action against Iraq imminent) (1140)

418 Text: Global Fight Against Disease High Administration Priority
(Under Secretary of State Dobriansky testifies before Senate Committee) (2050)

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