Washington Hyper File

EPF edition

U.S. Department of State

Friday, November 23, 2001

501 Text: Presidential Declaration on Refugees and Migration
(Bush authorizes admission of 70,000 refugees in FY 2002) (720)

502 Text: U.S. Issues Guidance on New Anti-Money Laundering Laws
(New measures target use of shell banks to launder money) (500)

503 Fact Sheet: Al Qaeda and Taliban Atrocities
(As released 11/22/01 by CIC/Islamabad) (1760)

504 Fact Sheet: U.S. Assistance to Afghan People Since Oct 1, 2001
(Totals more than $246 million) (430)

505 Transcript: U.S. Denounces Murder of Journalists in Afghanistan
(Johnson at OSCE: "we must redouble our efforts" to end this evil) (260)

506 Text: U.S. Says Deaths of Palestinian Children Tragic
(State Department Expresses Condolences, Nov 23) (280)

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