Washington Hyper File

Department of State

Monday, September 17, 2001

101 Transcript: White House Daily Briefing, September 17, 2001
(Taliban, WTO, New York, Wall Street, Osama bin Laden, Arab-Americans/non-
Americans, Bush's visit to Islamic Center, Middle East) (6890)

102 Transcript: Bush Says U.S. Proud to Lead Fight Against Terrorism
(Says U.S. military resolve has never been stronger) (2240)

103 Transcript: Bush Says Foreign Leaders Want to Cooperate Against
(Speaks September 16 after arrival from Camp David) (2050)

104 Cheney: Terrorists, Those Who Harbor Them, Face "Full Wrath" of U.S.
(Interview on NBC "Meet the Press" September 16) (700)

105 Transcript: Powell Praises Anti-Terrorism Coalition
(Says first targets are al-Qaida, Usama Bin Ladin) (3030)

106 Text: OSCE Makes Fight Against Terrorism a Top Priority
(Geoana, Stoudmann at opening of OSCE human rights conference) (530)

107 House Condemns Bigotry Against Arab-Americans
(Sponsor cites "misguided anger" after terrorist attacks) (330)

108 Many Muslims Feared Killed in World Trade Center Attacks
(Arab American spokesman says his community also victimized in attacks)

109 Text: New Treasury Unit to Track Terrorist Funding Methods
(Gurule says information will go to law officials) (610)

110 Text: Federal Reserve Group Lowers Interest Rates Half Point
(FOMC cites unusual circumstances after terrorist attacks) (470)

111 Text: Federal Reserve, Bank of Canada Augment Swap Facility
(30-day measure to provide U.S. dollar liquidity) (210)

112 Text: U.S. Energy Secretary Abraham Says Energy Infrastructure Sound
(Shipments of nuclear materials have been suspended) (670)

113 Text: U.S. Welcomes WTO Statement on China's Accession
(WTO panel to finish Taiwan accession work by September 18) (530)

114 Text: World Bank, IMF Cancel Annual Meetings in Washington
(Business will continue uninterrupted, says Wolfensohn) (290)

115 Text: Senator Byrd Testimony on Steel Imports
(U.S. government needs to stop import increase, he says) (1870)

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