Washington Hyper File

Department of State

Thursday, August 10, 2000

401 Transcript: Albright Interview on KKOB-AM Radio in New Mexico
(Discusses Middle East peace process, Canada and Mexico) (1640)

402 APEC Making Open Trade Part of "Orthodoxy" in Asia-Pacific Region
(U.S. Senior Official for APEC addresses Global Business forum) (470)

403 Text: Clinton Signs the Defense Dept. Appropriations Act for FY-2001
(Modernization will ensure technological edge in 21st century) (810)

404 Text: Clinton Creates White House Task Force on Drug Use in Sports
(Executive Order aims to help stop illicit drug use in sports) (840)

405 Transcript: Clinton Remarks at Medal of Freedom Awards
(President praises accomplishments of the 15 honorees) (4110)

406 Text: Defense Department Release on Gulf War Health Editorial
(Accompanies article in August "May Clinic Proceedings" journal) (450)

407 Text: INS Launches Sweeping Crackdown Against Migrant Smugglers
(Operation targets transportation hubs in Arizona and Nevada) (670)

408 Text: U.S. Condemns Bombing of Civilian Targets in Sudan
(State Dept. Spokesman Boucher's statement of August 9) (340)

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