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dot.gif (191 bytes) Infomine Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
Created and maintained by the Library of the University of California, Riverside.
dot.gif (191 bytes) Internet Public Library
dot.gif (191 bytes) LibrarySpot
dot.gif (191 bytes) Libweb: Library Servers via WWW (Berkeley Digital Library)
dot.gif (191 bytes) Librarian's Index to the Internet
dot.gif (191 bytes) Libraries List by Subject from Yahoo
dot.gif (191 bytes) Library of Congress
dot.gif (191 bytes) American Memory - primary source and archival material relating to American culture and history.
dot.gif (191 bytes) THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet - in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, a service of the U.S. Congressional Library.
dot.gif (191 bytes) American Library Association - News, press releases and subjects of interest to members. Includes a jobs listing, online bookstore and links to other library resources
dot.gif (191 bytes) Project Gutenberg
Digitally re-published literature and reference material. This is the largest searchable text archive available.
dot.gif (191 bytes) RefDesk.com
dot.gif (191 bytes) U.S. National Library of Medicine
Index of resources for services, databases, publications, research activities, for the world's largest biomedical library.

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