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AFGHANISTAN Abdul Zahir (former) Prime Minister Columbia U.
ANTIGUA &BARBUDA Lester Bird Prime Minister (current) U. Michigan
ARGENTINA Raul Ricardo Alfonsin President (1983-89) U. New Mexico
ARGENTINA Guido Di Tella Minister of Foreign Affairs (former) MIT
ARGENTINA Jorge Alberto Rodriguez Minister U. Nebraska
BELIZE George Cadle Price Prime Minister (former) St. John's College
BOLIVIA Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada Bustamante President (1993-97) U. of Chicago
BOLIVIA Jorge Quiroga Ramirez President (current) Texas A & M
BHUTAN Lyonpo (Minister) Jigmi Thinley Head of Government (current) Pennsylvania State U.
BRAZIL Celso Lafer Minister of Foreign Affairs (current) Cornell University
CANADA Pierre Elliott Trudeau Prime Minister (former) Harvard U.
COLOMBIA Ernesto Samper Pizano President (1994-98) Columbia U.
COLOMBIA Virgilio Barco Vargas President (1986 - 1990) MIT
COSTA RICA Alejandro Guzman Stein Minister of Agriculture (former)

Tex. Tech. U., Harvard

COSTA RICA Jose Maria Figueres Olsen President (1994 - Present) West Point, Harvard U.
COSTA RICA Rene Castro Minister of Energy (former) Harvard U.
CYPRUS George Iacovou Minister of Foreign Affairs (former) Boston U.
ECUADOR Jamil Mahuad Witt President (former) Harvard U.
ENGLAND John Rankin Rathbone Member Of Parliament Harvard U.
EGYPT Atef Muhammad Muhammad Ebid Prime Minister (current) Illinois U.
EGYPT Kamal Ahmed al-Ganzuri Prime Minister (1996-99) Michigan U.
EGYPT Boutros Boutros Ghali UN Secretary General (1992-96) Columbia U.
FRANCE Jacques Chirac President (1995 - Present) Harvard U.
GERMANY Ernst Carl Julius Albrecht Prime Minister (former) Cornell U.
GHANA Kofi Annan UN Secretary General Macalester College, MIT
GHANA Kwame Nkrumah President of Ghana (first) (1960 - 1966) Lincoln U.
GHANA Kwame Pepra Minister of Finance (former) Columbia U., NYU
GREECE Andreas George Papandreou Prime Minister (former) Harvard U.
GUYANA Janet Jagan President (1997-99) U. Detroit, Wayne U., Michigan State Coll.
HONDURAS Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle Minister of Culture and Tourism (former) Tulane U.
HUNGARY Istvan Stumpf Minister Without Portfolio (current) Harvard U.
INDONESIA Juwono Sudarsono Minister of Defense (former) UC Berkeley
INDONESIA Alwi Shihab Minister of Foreign Affairs (current) Temple U.
INDONESIA Bambang Sudibyo Minister of Finance (former) U. of North Carolina, U. of Kentucky
INDONESIA Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Minister of Mines and Energy (former) Webster U.
INDONESIA Mohamad S. Prakosa Minister of Agriculture (former) U. of Tennessee, UC Berkeley
INDONESIA Mohammad Amien Rais Chair, People's Consultative Assembly George Washington U., U. of Chicago
ISRAEL Moshe Arens Minister of Defense (1990-92) MIT, Cal. Tech.
ISRAEL Ehud Barak Prime Minister (former) Stanford U
ISRAEL Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister (1996-99) MIT
ISRAEL Shimon Peres Prime Minister (1984-88) New York U., Harvard U.
ITALY Lamberto Dini Foreign Minister (former) U. of Minnesota
ITALY Giuliano Amato Prime Minister (former) Columbia U.
JAMAICA Hon. John Junior Minister of Health Howard U.
JAMAICA Hon. Dr. Paul Robertson Minister of Foreign Affairs U. of Michigan
JAMAICA Hon. Keith D. Knight Minister of National Security & Justice U. of Pittsburgh
JAMAICA Percival James Patterson Prime Minister (current) Northeastern U., Brown U.
JAMAICA Hon. Anthony Hylton Minister of State, Ministry of Foreign Trade (current) Morgan State U.
JAMAICA Hon Dr. Omar Davies Minister of Finance & Planning (current) Northwestern U.
JAMAICA Hon. Dr. Peter Phillips Minister of Transport & Works (current) Princeton U., SUNY
JORDAN Abdullah Bin Al-Hussein King of Jordan Georgetown U.
JORDAN Marwan Qassem Minister of Foreign Affairs (former) U. of Michigan, Columbia U.
KAZAKHSTAN Nurlan Balgimbayev Prime Minister (1997-99) U. Massachusetts
KENYA Jonathan K.N. Ng'eno Minister of Public Works and Housing Greenville Coll., So. Illinois. U.
KENYA Joseph Kamotho Minister of Education (former) Syracuse U.
KOREA Kang Young Hoon Prime Minister (1988-90) U. So. Calif.
LIBERIA Milton Teahjay Minister of Information (former) Kent University, Howard University
LITHUANIA Valdas Adamkus President of Lithuania (current) U of Illlinois
MADAGASCAR Pierrot Rajaonarivelo Vice Prime Minister of Budget (current) Columbia Univ.
MALAWI Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda President (former) Meharry Med. Coll., U. Ind., U. Chicago
MALAYSIA Mahathir bin Mohammed Prime Minister (current) Harvard U.
MALAYSIA Datuk Leo Moggie Anak Irok Minister of Energy, Telecommunications & Posts (current) Pennsylvania State U.
MALAYSIA Datuk Rais Yatim Minister of Land and Regional Development (former) Northern Illinois U.
MEXICO Vicente Fox President of Mexico (current) Harvard U.
MEXICO Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon President of Mexico (former) U Colorado, Yale U.
MEXICO Carlos Salinas de Gortari President of Mexico (1988-94) Harvard U.
MEXICO Jesus Reyes Heroles Secretary of Energy, Mines (former) MIT
MEXICO Carlos Ruiz Sacristan Secretary of Communications and Transport (former) Northwestern U.
MEXICO Jose Angel Gurria Trevino Secretary of Foreign Affairs (former) U. of Southern California, Harvard U.
MEXICO Herminio Blanco Mendoza Secretary of Commerce/Industrial Dev. U. of Chicago
MEXICO Juan Ramon de la Fuente Secretary of Health (former) U. of Minnesota
MEXICO Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado President of Mexico (1982-88) Harvard U.
MEXICO Guillermo Ortiz Martinez Secretary of Finance and Public Credit (former) Stanford U.
MICRONESIA Bailey Olter President (1991-96) U. of Hawaii
NAMIBIA Hage Gottfried Geingob Prime Minister (current) Fordham U., Columbia College
NEPAL Mr. Ram Hari Joshy Honorable Member of Parliament Oregon State U.
NEPAL Dr. Parkash Chandre Lohani Honorable Member of Parliament Indiana U.
NEW ZEALAND Peter John Benjes Former Gen. Mgr. Treasury Harvard U.
NIGERIA Godwin Olu Patrick Obasi UN agency administrator MIT
NORWAY Gudmund Hermes Minister of Health (1995-97) Johns Hopkins U.
NORWAY Haakon Magnus Crown Prince UC Berkeley
NORWAY Gro Harlem Brundtland Prime Minister (former) Harvard U.
PAKISTAN Benazir Bhutto President of Pakistan (former) Harvard U.
PAKISTAN Zafar Iqbal Chouhdary Director, Sales Tax Collectorate Univ. So. California
PANAMA Eric Arturo Delvalle Henriquez President of Republic of Panama (former) La. State U.
PERU Alejandro Toledo President of Peru (current) U. of San Francisco, Harvard, Stanford
PERU Alberto Fujimori President of Peru (former) U. of Wisconsin
PHILIPPINES Gloria Macapagal Arroyo President of the Republic of the Philippines (current) Georgetown U.
PHILIPPINES Corazon Cojuangco Aquino President of the Republic of the Philippines (former) Coll. of Mt. St. Vincent, Boston U., Fordham U.
PHILIPPINES Fidel V. Ramos President of the Republic of the Philippines (former) U.S. Mil. Acad., W. Point, U. of Illinois
PHILIPPINES Domingo Siazon, Jr. Foreign Secretary Harvard U.
ROMANIA Constantin Dudu Ionescu Minister of Interior (former) Jackson State U.
ROMANIA Alexandru Popescu Secretary of State Jackson State U.
ROMANIA Florin Georgescu Minister of Finance (former)  
ROMANIA Alexandru Luminita Petrescu Counselor of State  
ROMANIA Lucian Mihai Chairman, Constitutional Court  
SAUDI ARABIA Mr. Susa'ad Al Sinani Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Riyadh (former) Arizona State U.
SAUDI ARABIA Mr. Osamah Faqeeh Minister of Commerce, Riyadh (current) Arizona State U.
SAUDI ARABIA Soliman Abdul- Aziz Al Solaim Minister of Commerce (former) U.of So. California, Johns Hopkins U.
SAUDI ARABIA Dr. Madany Alaqi Minister of State, Royal Court, Riyadh (current) Arizona State U.
SAUDI ARABIA Dr. Nasir Al Sallum Minister of Communications, Riyadh (current) Arizona State U.
SINGAPORE Shunmugam Jayakamur Minister of Law (current) Yale U.
SINGAPORE Lee Hsien Loong Deputy Prime Minister (current) Harvard U.
SINGAPORE Tony Tan Deputy Prime Minister/Defense Minister (current) MIT
SINGAPORE Goh Chok Tong Prime Minister (1990 - Present) Williams College
S. KOREA Il SaKong Minister of Finance (former) UCLA
S. KOREA Se Yung Chung Minister of Science and Technology (former) Michigan State U.Princeton U.
SPAIN Javier Solana Secretary General of NATO (1995-1999) U of Virginia
SPAIN Jose Felix Merladet European Community official Harvard U.
SWEDEN Margaretha af Ugglas Minister of Foreign Affairs (former) Harvard U.
TAIWAN Hsiu-lien Annette Lu Vice President (current) U. of Illinois
TAIWAN John Chang (Chang Hsiao Yen) Vice Premier (former) Georgetown U.
TAIWAN Lee Teng Hui President of Taiwan (former) Iowa State U., Cornell U.
TAIWAN Chen Li-An Minister of National Defense (former) MIT, NYU
TAIWAN Lien Chan Vice President of Taiwan (former) U. of Chicago
TAIWAN Wang Chien-Shien Minister of Finance (former) Harvard U.
THAILAND Panas Simasathien Government Service Administrator Claremont, Univ. Illinois
THAILAND Thirawat Srichatrapimuk Director of Budget Dept. UC Berkeley
THAILAND Surin Pitsuwan Minister of Foreign Affairs (former) Harvard U.
THAILAND Shucheep Hansaward Minister of Agriculture and Coops (former) California State Univ.
TRINIDAD/TOBAGO Dr. Adesh Nanan Minister of Education (former) Howard U.
TURKEY Suleyman Demirel President (former)  
TURKEY Tansu Ciller Prime Minister (former) U. Conn, Yale
URUGUAY Sergio Abreu Minister of Industry (current)  
URUGUAY Antonio Mercader Minister of Education (current) Univ. of Florida
URUGUAY Pablo Mieres Member of Parliament Georgetown U.
URUGUAY Didier Opertti Minister of Foreign Affairs (current)  
VENEZUELA Alfredo Toro Hardy Ambassador to the U.S. (former) Princeton U.
YEMEN Abdul-Aziz Abdul-Ghani Prime Minister (former), President of Consultative Council Colorado College, U. Colorado
ZAMBIA Fwanyanga Matale Mulikita Speaker of the Natl. Assembly Stanford Univ., Columbia Univ.
ZIMBABWE Canaan Sodindo Banana President (former) American U.

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