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United States Dept. of State "The United States and China" Homepage
U.S. Government Related Documents
Foreign Relations of the United States Series, Department of State
2006 Annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices (US Dept. of State)
China (includes Tibet, Hong Kong and Macau)
Department of State Background Notes
PRC (10/2006)
Hong Kong (01/2007)
Taiwan (9/2006)
U.S. Commercial Service
-- China
-- Taiwan
-- Hong Kong
2007 U.S. Dept of State: International Narcotics Control
Strategy Report, released March 2007
U.S. Trade Representatives: National Trade Estimate, Report on Foreign Trade Barriers, March 2006
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The World Factbook 2007
Hong Kong
US Dept. of State Consular Information Sheet
China (3/20/07)
Hong Kong (3/20/07)
Taiwan  (3/20/07)
Major events on Sino-American Relations
Sino-American Relations Fundamental Documents
The Joint U.S.-China Communique, Shanghai,
February 27, 1972
Taiwan Relations Act, April 10, 1979
Joint Communique on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations Between the United States of America and the People's Republic of China, January 1, 1979
U.S.-PRC Joint Communique, August 17, 1982
U.S.-Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992
U.S. Chiefs of Mission -- China (US Dept. of State)

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