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General Information
  See You in the USA U.S. Dept. of State E-Journal September 2005
      Something for Everyone
      A Musical Tour Of America
      Photo Gallery: American Treasures
  National Park System Brings U.S. History Alive USINFO
  The National Park Service Was Established (From: America's Story)
  American Park Network
  The National Park Service ParkNet
  U.S. Department of State Travel Information
  Travel and Geography: The Regions of the United States 
Information on the different regions across the United States.
      What is a Visa?
      U.S. Visa Policy
      How to Get a Visa
      Visa News
  American Institute in Taiwan Visa Services
  U.S. Immigration
    U.S. Immigration U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services
    Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants
    Now That I'm Here: What America's Immigrants Have to Say About Life in the U.S.
Based on a survey of 1,002 foreign-born U.S. residents, this report looks at how these immigrants are responding to life in America.
Plan Your Travel
  Visiting the USA Voice of America Web Site
  SeeAmerica: Travel Industry Association of America
  NewsDirectoryTravel Planner: It presents links to over 500 official Web sites of U.S. visitors bureaus, airports, airlines, and hotels. Included are over 300 official sites of state and regional Visitors Bureaus, many of which provide online forms to request free travel planning material by mail.
  Fodor's: Your Smart Choice for Travel. An online tourist guide
  Geographic Names Information System
  History Channel Traveler: Exploration through thousands of historical sites
  Microsoft Expedia: Start your travel here
  Travelocity: United States: Providing information on maps, hotels, flight, car rental and other travel relatatd information
  Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory -- USA
  Yahoo! Travel: Check on flights, price and book your airline ticket, car rental or hotel room. Check out worldwide destination information and get timely airfare announcements.
  Airlines of the Web: up to date index of airlines on the Web.
  Subway navigator:Get subway information, try here
  Hit the Road (From: America's Story-vacations)
Road Trip! "Traveling by Car"
Food and Lodging
  The Bed and Breakfast: maps, weather, and destination information await the searching traveler
  The Internet Guide to Hostelling
  TravelWeb: This site enables you to view thousands of hotel properties and to make your own reservations directly with thousands of participating hotel chains.
  Hotels and Resorts in the United States
  Wcities.com: lots of restaurant, hotel and entertainment suggestions.
Sights & Activities
  A Brief Tour of the United States (From: Snapshot USA) U.S. Department of State E-Journal May 2007
--There are 50 states in the U.S.A., each with its own distinct culture. Here. Take a look at America region by region.
  FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA: Geography and regional characteristics (From: Portrait of the USA)
  The Alcan Highway in Alaska Opened (From: America's Story)
  Radio City Music Hall Opened to the Public in New York (From: America's Story)
  The Empire State Building Opens May 1, 1931 (From: America's Story)
  New Yorkers Celebrated the Opening of the Williamsburg Bridge (From: America's Story)
  New York Subway System Opened for Business (From: America's Story)
  The Grand Canyon Became a National Park (From: America's Story)
  Mount Rainier, Washington (From: America's Story)
  Yosemite Land Grant Signed (From: America's Story)
  San Franciscan Andrew Smith Hallidie Patented the First Cable Car (From: America's Story)
  The Washington Monument Was Completed (From: America's Story)
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  Customs & Border Protection
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  Where in the U.S. is ...? (courtesy U.S. Census Bureau)
  How do I get to ...? (courtesy AutoPilotíŽ -- Note: Many graphics
  What's the weather in ...? (courtesy The Weather Channel)
  What time is it in ...? (courtesy WorldTime) 
  How much is that in ... -- Money converter? (courtesy OANDA)
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  Currency Converter (courtesy Yahoo Finance)
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