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USA History in Brief (Dept. of State Publication)
Outline of American History (Dept. of State Publication)
Toward The City on A Hill: A brief history of the United States (From: Portrait of the USA)
America's Story from America's Library
The Library of Congress presents "Discover the stories of America's past.)
About America: Women of Influence (Dept. of State Publication)
United States History
Dept. of State African-American History Homepage
American History VOA Special English
Download Audio-MP3 and Listen in RealAudio available.
Spotlight Biography
The Smithsonian's virtual center-stage for famous people, who have shaped American history and culture..
History of Civil Rights Movement
The Civil Rights Movement and the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Dept. of State)
A history of the contemporary civil rights movement in the United States, including a chronology of key events, brief biographical information on two centuries of African-American leaders, and excerpts from King's speeches and writings.
Martin Luther King: "I Have A Dream" (From: Living Documents of American History )
Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr. Was Born  (From: Library of Congress-America's Story)
Martin Luther King: "Letter from a Birmingham Jail"
We Shall Overcome
Rosa Parks Was Arrested for Civil Disobedience (From: Library of Congress-America's Story)
Theodore S. Wright, :Prejudice Against the Colored Man,;

Henry Highland Garnet: An Address To The Slaves Of The United States

Frederick Douglass: We Have Decided to Stay
Speech delivered to the American Anti-Slavery Society, New York, 9 May 1848
Frederick Douglass (From: Library of Congress-America's Story)
William Edward Burghardt (W.E.B.) Du Bois (From: Library of Congress-America's Story)
Elizabeth Cady Stanton (From: Library of Congress-America's Story)
Harriet Tubman (From: Library of Congress-America's Story)
Elijah Parish Lovejoy Was Killed By a Pro-slavery Mob (From: Library of Congress-America's Story)
Plessy v. Ferguson (1896)
Brown v. Board of Education (1954)
Fundamental Documents
Living Documents of American History
Declaration of Independence
Constitution of the United States of America
Bill of Rights (Constitution Amendments I-X)
Other Constitution Amendments (XI-XXVII)
The Federalist Papers : from Library of Congress
Basic Readings in U.S.Democracy
Famous Speeches
Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents
Patrick Henry: "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"
Washington's Farewell Address
Abraham Lincoln: Gettysburg Address
F.D. Roosevelt's "Four Freedom"
John F. Kennedy, Address to the Southern Baptist Leaders
John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address 1961
Martin Luther King Jr: "I Have A Dream"
Lyndon B. Johnson, The American Promise
Jimmy Carter, Human Rights and Foreign Policy
General Douglas MacArthur, A Father Prayer
Speeches of Abraham Lincoln
Archive of Presidential Speeches
U.S. Historical Documents Related Web Sites
American Memory: Historical Collections for the National Digital Library
A Chronology of US Historical Documents
American History and American Studies
Douglass - Archive of American Public Address
Historical Documents: Thomas - Legislative Information on the Internet
Making of America
Federal Government Resources: Historic Documents
A Chronology of US Historical Documents
Liberty: the American Revolution
Timeline of the National Museum of American History
University Rutgers' List of Historical Resources
Words and Deeds in American History

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