Published by the United States Information Agency

Original edition by Richard C. Schroeder.

Revised and updated in 1989 by Nathan Glick, who also wrote Part II:
"Explaining the Constitution: The Federalist Papers."

An Outline of

~ I ~
The Constitution: An Enduring Document

Benjamin Franklin's Rising Sun George Washington as Chairman
The Bill of Rights The Debate Over Slavery

~ II ~
Explaining the Constitution: The Federalist Papers

~ III ~
The Executive Branch: Powers of the Presidency

The Presidency The Cabinet

~ IV ~
The Legislative Congress

Standing, or Permanent, Committees of Congress
Little Legislatures

~ V ~
The Judicial Branch: Interpreting the Constitution

~ VI ~
A Country of Many Governments

~ VII ~
Fundamentals of American Government

Citizens' Groups and Lobbies
Hearing the Voice of the People: Referendums and Initiatives

~ VIII ~
Brief Reading List in American Government

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