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Graduate Enrollment by Field of Study: 1975-2003

Graduate Enrollment by Field of Study : 1975–2003

Line graph: Graduate Enrollment by Field of Study: 1975-2003.

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Year Graduate Enrollment by Field of Study
Science and Engineering Science Engineering
1975 302,981 234,649 68,332
1980 325,600 251,265 74,335
1985 357,991 261,973 96,018
1990 397,041 289,383 107,658
1995 422,466 315,265 107,201
2000 413,536 309,424 104,112
2003 474,203 346,828 127,375

Source: National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Statistics
Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering: Fall 2003 (NSF 06-307), Table 2. Graduate students in science, engineering, and health fields in all institutions, by field: 1975–2003

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