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U.S. ECONOMY > International Trade > Region-Specific Trade Information > Top Ten Countries with which the U.S. has a Trade Surplus

Top Ten Countries with which the U.S. has a Trade Surplus

For the month of July 2006

                                                   Year To Date
                                   Surplus in       Surplus in
                                    Millions         Millions
 Country Name                       of U.S. $        of U.S. $

 Hong Kong                             694.78         5,332.66
 Australia                             664.54         5,241.87
 United Arab Emirates                  533.88         5,822.26
 Netherlands                           483.30         7,348.27
 Panama                                227.86         1,320.63
 Belgium                               215.14         2,894.36
 Bahamas                               160.46           997.04
 Jamaica                               148.88           781.36
 Qatar                                 138.30           518.73
 Singapore                             100.81         2,818.08
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