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U.S. ECONOMY > American Industries > Overviews > Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Federal Energy Management Program Federal Technology Alert

Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Federal Energy Management Program Federal Technology Alert

Today's energy and facility managers need to be up-to-date on all the latest energy and water technologies in order to make choices that are cost-effective, energy-smart, environmentally sound, and reliable. To help Federal energy managers and others consider their options, this site provides a wide range of information and resources about technologies as well as energy management practices.

To learn more about specific energy-efficient products, see FEMP's recommendations for energy smart technologies. Other sections explain basics as well as the latest information concerning renewable, distributed energy, and combined heat and power technologies. A section on operations and maintenance can help facility managers ensure that their buildings operate as efficiently as possible. In addition, managers committed to sustainable design as well as sustainable operation can learn more about how to build and operate facilities that can improve productivity and help protect the environment.


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